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Environmental Policy

Information on our environmental footprint

Human activity can have harmful effects on ecological systems, climate and public health. Recognizing this, we at Olympic Palace Hotel are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of our organization. Our goal is to minimize our organization’s impact and maximize future generations’ ability to live, work, and play in our shared natural environment, with equal access to clean air, clean water, and natural resources. We have therefore implemented a series of improvements within our establishment.

These are:

  • Temperature and flow are continuously monitored by the building management system.
  • Heat pumps generate warm water through a heat recovery system significantly lowering fossil fuel consumption.
  • Latest technology inverter type A/C well as a/c recovery systems keeps energy consumption to the minimum while providing for ideal temperature levels.
  • Ecological detergents are used for linen and dish washing as well as surface cleaning, minimizing the hotels impact on the environment.
  • Eco friendly solutions which support beneficial bacteria replace chlorine and algaecide with less need to backwash swimming pools, a process that sends water to waste.
  • Cleaning the pools on a daily basis helps prevent the build-up of algae which otherwise lead to the deployment of additional chemicals.
  • Paper cartons and opened cans are collected daily and sent off to a recycling plant.
  • Recycled paper is used wherever possible and office printing scrap paper is reutilized for secondary uses.
  • Glass bottles and all plastics are collected on a daily basis and sent off to a recycling plant.
  • As climate control is a major factor of global warming we have taken care that temperature loss is kept to the minimum with double glazing windows.
  • Used batteries are collected and sent off to a recycling plant.
  • Used waste oil and grease are sent off in order to be turned into biodiesel, an environmentally friendly energy product which results in a significant reduction in greenhouse gases compared to petro-diesel.
  • Automatic timer switches control daylight activity signaling outdoor lights to switch off thus saving energy.
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